Napa County needs a Supervisor with practical agricultural experience. Cio Perez, a third generation St. Helena farmer and viticulturalist, has the scientific knowledge and real life agricultural experience Napa County needs to protect its water supply and quality of life.

About Lucio “Cio” Perez

Napa County depends on agriculture to sustain its economy. Yet no member of the Board of Supervisors has practical farming experience. That’s why Lucio “Cio” Perez, Owner of L. Perez & Sons Vineyards, is running for Napa County Supervisor in District 3.

As a farmer, viticulturist and businessman, Cio Perez has a lifetime of knowledge and experience county government needs to better conserve watersheds and agricultural lands, and to protect the health and quality of life for the children, working families and seniors who live here.

Cio was born and raised in St. Helena and his family has been farming here for three generations. His grandfather Lucio came to St. Helena from Mexico and Arizona to plant the family’s first vineyards in Napa County. Cio’s father Ezequiel continued the tradition, raising Cio, his sister and three brothers on the family’s farm.

After graduating from St. Helena High School, Cio attended Stanford University and graduated from UC Davis with degrees in Viticulture and Oenology. He then returned home to be part of a long tradition of farmers who take pride in the crop they produce and responsibility for the land they work.

Today, he manages several vineyards, including those of L. Perez & Sons, planted by his grandfather.

As a leader in the Napa County Farm Bureau, Cio has regularly testified and offered guidance to the Board of Supervisors on agricultural issues, and for years has been sounding the alarm of caution related to massive wine-themed development projects that will harm Napa County’s ecosystem.

In 2015, he served on Napa County’s Agriculture Protection Advisory Committee and in 2011, the Napa County Farm Bureau named him Agriculturalist of the year. From 2001 to 2007, Cio was an active member of the California Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors.

Above all, Cio is a scientist who understands which types of uses our land can support in order to protect it for the next generation of local agricultural entrepreneurs.

Cio and his dog Harley live in St. Helena and are mostly seen on the road tending to the farms.


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